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Taxi drive punched to death in imo state

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A taxi driver whose name is yet to be unveiled has reportedly been confirmed dead after he was punched by a young man in Owerri the Imo state capital.

The taxi driver was beaten to his death after he allegedly scratched the car of the young man who in annoyance bounced out of his Lexus SUV attacked the Taxi driver with a series of punches.

According, To an eyewitness the Taxi Driver collapsed and died instantly as the result of the punches.

An Eyewitness identified as Media consultant IfeanyiCy Njoku who revealed the report took to his social media handle to report as thus; “Man Hits Taxi Driver to Death in Owerri

“It happened at warehouse junction Owerri, a taxi driver reportedly hit a Lexus Jeep, the owner of the Jeep, a young man out of anger jumped out of his car and punched the taxi driver to a point he collapsed to death. See pictures attached.”

However, the Imo state Police is yet to make comments on the matter.

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