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COVID-19: WHO Finally Gives Update On 19 Corona-virus Vaccines (Details)

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The World Health Organization has reportedly updated that there are 19 corona-virus (COVID-19) vaccines currently in clinical trials, Juicy Update report.

Juicy Update understand that the WHO has disclosed that the 19 corona-virus (COVID-19) vaccines are undergoing clinical trial to ascertain their potency.

The WHO Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, disclosed this in a series of tweets via its official Twitter handle @WHOAFRO, on Thursday night 9th of July, 2020.

However, the UN health agency said it was essential to test the COVID-19 vaccine in countries where it was needed to ensure that it would be useful.

WHO mentioned that there are nearly 150 COVID-19 vaccines received, but only 19 were selected.

The tweet read as thus: “As scientists across the world race to find a COVID-19 vaccine, @WHO urges all to take concrete actions to ensure equitable access. If & when a vaccine is developed, it must be available to everyone, not only those who can afford to pay”.

Globally, there are 19 potential COVID-19 vaccines currently in clinical trials”.

South Africa is the first African country to start a clinical trial, with @WitsUniversity testing a vaccine developed by Oxford Jenner Institute. Trials for the vaccine are ongoing in the UK & Brazil.”

With this development, the world might be finding a lasting solution to the coronavirus disease on rampage.

This comes as the WHO has recently given an update on releasing the Coronavirus vaccines, the vaccines the world cannot really wait for to put an ease to the wide spread of the pandemic that has claimed many lives round the world.

Recall that WHO has in a recent post supported the Madagascar’s cure for COVID-19, also known as coronavirus disease, however, as at now, there are no recent updates on the COVID-19 cure Madagascar claimed to have discovered, even though the cure to the coronavirus pandemic has been earlier reported to have been sent to Nigeria. 

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