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Tinubu Under Attack Over Lekki Shooting Comment

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Tinubu has come under attack over his Saturday comment on victims of Lekki Shootings.

Juicy Update reports that Former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, had queried why the End SARS protesters were at the toll gate at the time of the incident on October 20.

Tinubu spoke on Saturday after a meeting with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu at the Government House in Alausa.

Tinubu Under Attack Over Lekki Shooting Comment

In his words, “Casualties of Lekki shootings have some questions to answer; how are they there? How long were they there? What kind of characters are they?

“Even though we want to help, we must extract some information that will help the government”, Tinubu said.

Fondly called Jagaban, Bola Tinubu is the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Footage of Tinubu’s reaction on Lekki Shootings posted on Twitter, culled from Arise TV, has hit 418.9k views.

Tinubu’s comments have triggered several condemnatory reactions.

One of the responses which have gained traction derided the prominent politician

“Every time I hear Tinubu talk, I often wonder how he became a Godfather. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is worth quoting. A true bungalow, nothing upstairs”, @Olumuyiwa_ _ tweeted.

Below Are More Reactions condemning Tinubu Over his comment on Lekki Shootings Culled From Twitter By NewsOnline Nigeria.

“It would have been better if he didnt speak. This is how to further escalate a situation 101. Which casualties should answer questions? The deceased? The worst outcome of the lekki incident in a sane democracy should have been the arrest for defying curfew. He has no point” @adeposiokupe tweeted.

“And this is the man APC want to package a presidential candidate in 2023? Omg! This man is sick…” @roomm4 tweeted.

“Total disconnect sir. That is why it is easy for them to de-humanise the people. Hear him address the Gov. There is serious state capture in Nigeria. The country in the hands of a few people who are not accountable to anyone” @Lerroys tweeted.

“Atleast he agreed there was a shooting! But after surviving the shooting you still have questions to answer, like seriously? Why were they there? Really?” @abiolabada5 tweeted.

“Pharaoh dey learn work where this man dey Kai” @NseLovmimi tweeted.

“Oga Mr Nice guy waited 4days for his Sugar daddy to come do the main job of turning tables @ events on tuesday. Fear who no fear politicians ooo!!!”, @LanreAdenuga tweeted.

“E be like say he just downed a bottle of whisky..because he is not making sense at all ..he is not even coherent..”, @BillionareBorn tweeted.

“No… no… no! I’m trying to get over the whole thing and then this? None of these people talking about the shooters, they skipping the most important and horrific part of all this. Men dressed in military shot at peaceful protesters for crying out loud, “@ambysplash tweeted.

“this man stunts on the citizens without remorse cus he fears nothing for now… he needs to be presented with something to fear, something to make them give people a little respect….” @SkinnySouthBoy tweeted.

“My Lagos people let remove dis man called Jagajaga coming 2023 let redder him useless by voting for another party“, @AgunbiadeSund17 tweeted.

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